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Street Fair and Parades

The Holetown Festival Street Fair is a unique blend of dance, drama, arts and crafts, music and authentic Barbadian food. This cultural extravaganza is coveted by locals and tourists alike. Take a stroll through our craft village and choose from the variety of local arts and crafts on display. Feeling hungry? Feel free to stop in at any of our food stalls and enjoy some of our mouth-watering local cuisine.

Bring the entire family for a day of fun and enjoyment. Don't miss out on any of our exciting parades. Our first parade of the day, "The George Ullyett Memorial Street Parade" starts and 11:00am and features: The Vintage Cars, Military Groups and  Local Dance Groups.

Our second parade, "Bajan DOOFLICKY" is an interactive parade where locals and tourists alike are invited to join and participate in the activities. This parade starts at 5:00pm and features: The Stilt Walkers, Mother Sally, The Green Monkeys, The Tuk Band and The Limbo Queen to name a few.

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Holetown Festival

Holetown Festival

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