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The Holetown Festival

The Holetown Festival was started in 1977 by Mr. Alfred Pragnell, Mr. Keith Simmons and Trents Northern Youth Group to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the first English settlement of Barbados.  The Festival which is performed on the site of the first Settlement has grown over the years and has developed into the unique Holetown brand.  Its origin makes it a unique Festival, a Bajan Cultural Extravaganza.  Entertainment includes a variety of music, such as Gospel, Classical, Tuk Band and Calypso, as well as Folk Dancing, presented in free open-air concerts. 


The Holetown Festival has been designated by the Barbados Government as one of the Seven Magnificent Festivals of Barbados.

Some of the Features of the Festival are:

  • The Opening Gala and Steel Band Concert

  • Street Fair and Parade

  • Holetown Dooflicky and Bajan Carnival

  • Grand Floodlit Tatoo and Night March

  • Holetown bus tours

  • Alfred Pragnell Memorial Talks

  • Vintage and Classic Car Parade

  • Road Walk and Run

  • Nightly Limes and Karaoke Competition

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